Signature Stamps

Upload your signature and create Signature Stamps.

  • Save time with a replica of your handwriting.
  • Simply upload an image of your signature.
  • Available in red, blue and black ink.
  • Body colour can be Blue, Black or Red.
  • No stamp pad needed. 5000 impressions
  • Ensure the design / font is bold. Minimum font size for Signature Stamp is 12 pt.

           How to upload your Signature PDF

Cash on Delivery available

Price below is MRP (inclusive of all taxes)

Ink Colour
Price ₹ 300.00 ...

Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

Sign documentation easily and quickly with customized signature stamps for your business

Owning up to a ton of paperwork can be a hassle, however, a stamp with signature comes handy in cases like these. A name stamp is really helpful for entrepreneurs, established business owners, and freelancers that are looking to authenticate their services via documentation process. We offer three ink options, blue, black and red. The built quality of the product is pretty good and will last longer than expected. Now, customize a signature stamp with your signature and you can save time with a replica of your handwriting.

The customization process is quite easy with our online signature stamp maker. Select the ink color that you require with the quantity of the stamps you require, then click on the “START DESIGNING” tab and you will be sent to the “STUDIO PAGE.” Choose from the various already present formats of signature given on the page and carefully read ‘How to upload your Signature PDF guide before uploading the design that you want us to put on the signature stamp. Click on next and preview how the signature will look. Approve the design if you have no edits to make by checking out the checkbox and click on “Next”. You will exit the studio page and shall be directed to the cart to checkout.

For Best Quality Logo & Text

  • Make sure that the images/logos are black & white and not color or images with gray scale, shadows etc.
  • Please bear in mind, large areas of solid coverage may not work well when stamped, the ink may become uneven or inconsistent.
  • Make sure that photographs and 3D artwork are not uploaded.
  • Ensure that the image is high-resolution.

FAQ– Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I get additional ink with the stamp?

A: Unfortunately, we don’t provide additional ink with the stamps. You can buy Replacement Inkpad with us separately and use it.

Q: Can I get any color of ink I want?

A: Currently, we offer only 3 color options of black, blue and red for our rubber signature stamp.  We might be able to provide more color options in the future, so stay tuned.

Q: How long will my stamps last?

A: For self-inking stamps, the ink pad will last for up to 5,000 impressions before needing to be replaced.

Q: Can I upload my logo to a stamp?