3 layer Masks - Flower

Help slow the spread of COVID-19.

• Predesigned White Face Mask. Instant checkout
• Three layer Mask for extra protection
• Breathable texture polyester as outer layer, Anti Bacterial filtration layer in the middle and soft cotton fabric as the inner layer
• Washable and Reusable
• One size fits most
• Available in White Colour
• Non medical, non certified mask

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Note: These are not medical graded devices or personal protective equipment (PPE). We do not recommend these type of masks as a defense against the person who is wearing it from contracting a virus .They are intended for personal use in non-medical settings in the hope of containing the virus. See below for important tips on wearing and washing these masks.

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Be mindful of others when you need to leave your home.

When the need arises to step outside – whether you're on the job as a non-medical essential employee or running necessary errands – wearing a face mask can be a thoughtful and considerate choice right now. It’s a practical step you can add to your other safety best practices, such as social distancing and washing your hands.

Face Mask Tips: How to wear & wash your masks

We strongly recommend you follow the below tips, which outline how to put on, take off and clean your face masks.

How to wash a face mask:
Before you use your mask for the first time, wash your mask and your face – and then wash your mask after every use.
We recommend washing in hot water (at least 60 degrees Celsius) with regular detergent.
Dry your mask immediately, using your dryer’s tumble dry low (gentle) setting. Make sure your mask is completely dry before you use it.
Change your mask regularly to prevent condensation buildup.

How to put on a face mask:
1.Wash your hands with soap and water (or hand sanitizer) before you touch the mask.
2.Raise the mask to nose level, then place the elastic band over the crown of your head.
3.Pull the bottom of the mask down, over your mouth and chin.
4.Mold or press the mask’s upper edge to the shape of your nose.

How to remove a face mask:
1.Wash your hands with soap and water (or hand sanitizer) before you touch the mask.
2.Reach back to touch the elastic band. Do not touch the front of your mask (it may be contaminated).
3.Lift the elastic band up and over your head, then remove the mask from your face.
4.Clean your hands again, using soap and water (or hand sanitizer).